Authorised Ferrari Bodyshop

Asset protection of your investment is an absolute priority at LUXURY AUTO BODY. In an industry that is known for its compromised standard and where vehicles can depreciate by thousands of dollars, we stand out by providing exceptional service, quality craftsmanship and professionalism at highly competitive prices.

Ferrari Expertise

When Ferrari authorise a body shop, they require the body shop and repair technicians to meet exacting standards. At Luxury Auto Body we are specialists with all types of Ferrari vehicles, with exacting standards and techniques for disassembly, repair, reassembly and colour matching of your Ferrari’s original paint work. By taking your Ferrari to Luxury Auto Body, your vehicle’s look, performance and safety will be restored to pre-accident condition with no signs that the damage had ever occurred.

Ferrari Authorised

What does being an Authorised Ferrari Bodyshop mean for you and your Ferrari? Ferrari are at the forefront of technology and design and continue to push the boundaries of performance with each new model. This level of sophistication and technology requires specialised training and equipment that you will only find in aAuthorised Ferrari Bodyshop.

Ferrari Genuine Parts

Using genuine Ferrari replacement parts is just as vital as the proper repair process. Every component of your Ferrari was specifically designed with an exact purpose in mind playing a role in the performance and safety of your vehicle. Our dedication to using the right genuine Ferrari parts and tools coupled with factory approved repair techniques will return your Ferrari to like-new condition without any evidence that there was any damage at all.

Quality Control

State-of-the-art cars require state-of-the-art facilities and our Quality Control is no different. We have the most rigorous Quality Control process in the industry. Before you collect your car it will be completely inspected from top to bottom to ensure a perfect standard in every aspect.

We under take Paintless Dent Repairs (PDR) for minor repair requirements and operate a specialised towing service to ensure proper care is given to each vehicle in transport. We use only the best products, give a lifetime guarantee on our workmanship and employ the best, highly specialised trade professionals – keeping Luxury Auto Body at the forefront of an ever changing industry.